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09/09/2019    Translating
ترجمة وتفسير 'Tarjamah & Tfseer '

Besides ethical questions, shutting down one’s mind is a challenge and potential threat to the content which is supposed to be translated. The translation might appear right language-wise. But the original content will almost inevitably loose its soul.  read more

19/08/2019    Translating
The Crisis of Epistemology and New Institutions of Learning
Felix Stalder

In his essay, first published in the program booklet “The New Alphabet – Opening Days” in January 2019, the media and cultural theorist Felix Stalder investigates the historic alignments of what he calls the “crisis of the epistemic-political order”. What happens, if our era of complexity does not allow for a desinterested, intersubjective position? How do we organize the ever increasing complexities of our times? Stalder’s essay argues for a multiplicity of views and heuristics, which seeks to recombine science, politics and affects.

  read more

18/07/2019    Translating
There Are No More Ports For Flying Dutchmen
On the Populism of the IAE Critique
Boris Buden

In this essay, first published in springerin 02/2019, the translator and cultural critic Boris Buden reexamines the concept of ‘International Art English’ (IAE). Drawing from the 2012 essay by Alix Rule and David Levine under the same title, Buden argues for a more critical understanding of the practice of translation within IAE, where linguistic practice corresponds with social relations and constant historical transformation. In Buden’s perspective, International Art English “can be seen as a moment—temporal, contingent and socially formative—of the process of a progressive re-vernacularization of the English language.” read more