Recent Contributions
02/07/2021    Instituting
Commons, solidarity and emerging (infra)structures. A dialogue between Christos Giovanopoulos and Alexandros Kioupkiolis
Christos Giovanopoulos, Alexandros Kioupkiolis

In this conversation between grassroots activist and researcher Christos Giovanopoulos and political theorist Alexandros Kioupkiolis, a mapping of social movements in Greece and Southern Europe since 2008 is created by way of an analysis of different practices of solidarity, protest and self-organization.¬†Through a discussion of specific examples and transformations of grassroots practices they elaborate on hegemony, collectivity and infrastructures of commoning.¬† read more

01/07/2021    Translating
The Unseen of Translatiocene - Speculative Study of Untranslatability in the Age of Translations
Vinit Agarwal

This article by Vinit Agarwal is a study of untranslatability that takes place in the triangulation of an anoriginary dialect, a source language and a target language. This is done by using an anecdote of translation at the United Nations Human Rights Council. Furthermore, the article seeks to blur the boundaries between interpretation and translation to bring both of them in the realms of orality. Technological intermediation is addressed through an analysis of continued coloniality at the intersection of artificial intelligence enabled translations and the question of corpora on which the technological models are trained. The article turns to speculative retro-fiction as a form, where translational theories of present and past speak to each other in order to seek a futurist emancipation from the Tower of Babel. read more

07/07/2021    Survivance
Divergent Survivances
Elizabeth A. Povinelli

In her essay, “Divergent Survivances,” philosopher Elizabeth A. Povinelli opens a discussion of survivance by following two intellectual paths and two social histories: the work of Jacques Derrida and Gerald Vizenor who show that survivance is not synonymous with survival, but instead designates a ghostly presence of an ancestry that can never be fully inherited or dispossessed; and the social histories of the clans of the Karrabing Film Collective whose countries were invaded in 1869 and her own Simonaz clan which began traveling from their small village in the Italian Alps to Buffalo, NY, established on Seneca lands.

  read more