Recent Contributions
04/02/2021    Healing (Faju)
We are Waves*
Lionel Manga

The end of the transatlantic slave trade was followed by the era of traumatization in African countries. In his performative lecture during the #Healing (Faju) edition, the author and cultural critic Lionel Manga looked at the trauma passed down from generation to generation; from the apportionment of the African continent among the colonial powers following the Berlin Conference in 1884/85 to the monotheization of large sections of the population and associated suppression of spiritual worlds to disrupted decolonization processes. Manga traces this negative force field, which slows down all vibrant dynamics and impedes political emancipation. Based on a Bantu maxim, he pursues the idea that the world is like a chimpanzee that falls down, shakes itself off and carries on its way. He encourages the audience to see themselves as waves and not to lose their faith that healing is possible. read more

28/01/2021    Transmitting
The Sea is Mohammad al-Khatib’s
Adania Shibli

Adania Shibli’s text traces a Palestinian young man’s desire of going to the sea, only to be faced with multiple impossibilities. The text was commissioned and first published by the Qalandiya International Biennial, 2016. read more

04/02/2021    Healing (Faju)

Ibaaku defines himself as a sonic poet, exploring the potentials of audio through collaborative and cross-disciplinary work with other artistic fields such as video, visual arts, and fashion. Starting in the early 2000s in the Senegalese hip-hop scene as producer and vocalist, he released various albums. Besides his engagement in electronic music, he composes regularly for cinema and TV formats. read more