Recent Contributions
29/11/2021    Community-Building
Constituent Immunisation Instead of Self-Immunizing Communities
Isabell Lorey

According to Isabell Lorey, it is essential to invent new forms of democracy and to understand how we are specifically governed by a perverse democratic governing system, which encourages increased precarisation. To counter this, Lorey proposes the subversive figure of the immune: constituent immunisation. She postulates that constituent immunisation stresses a renewed ordering in which the safeguarding of the political body is no longer at stake. Instead, we must turn to the constituting of those who were formerly constructed as a threat.

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12/11/2021    Healing (Faju)
Grounded: On Indigenous Healing
Mukhtara Yusuf

In this piece, artist and writer Mukhtara Yusuf reflects on land as a historical marker and a material, but also as an opportunity for healing and mourning, however fraught such an act may be. 

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15/10/2021    Transmitting
Ghayath Almadhoun

The transmission of images from the war on Palestine – images of refugees and images of victims of violence – is addressed in this poem of anger and grief by the Palestinian poet Ghayath Almadhoun who was born in Damascus. 

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