Recent Contributions
14/10/2021    Survivance
Abolish S€nzala Cafés & Co.
Filipa César

In this account by Filipa César of a gathering in the frame of the Porto Summer School on Art & Cinema, 2021, a coffee cup results in a joint reflection on Portugal’s colonial past and spawns a collective reiteration of what it means to meet over coffee. 

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13/09/2021    Unlearning
Techniques as Modes of Relating: Thinking with a Transdisciplinary Experiment
Melanie Sehgal

How to unlearn disciplinary habits of thought, feeling and action that privilege the bounded individual? How can the act of listening be employed as a mode of relating across difference? Philosopher Melanie Sehgal combines an inquiry into the problem of relating within modern epistemologies with a reflection on the practice of her working group FORMATIONS and its endeavor to create techniques of transdisciplinary encounter. 

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01/09/2021    Transmitting
From loss to solitude and not the other way around!
Yahya Ashour

“I thought that I would not be able to write a letter about corona, and here I am writing it after all. . .”

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