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23/09/2022    Commonings
running away
Avery F. Gordon

The Hawthorn Archive, named after the richly fabled tree, has long welcomed the participants in the various Euro-American social struggles against slavery, racial capitalism, imperialism, and authoritarian forms of order. The Archive is not a library or a research collection in the conventional sense but rather a disorganized and fugitive space for the development of a political consciousness of being indifferent to the deadly forms of power that characterize our society. Housed by the Archive are autonomous radicals, runaways, abolitionists, commoners, and dreamers who no longer live as obedient or merely resistant subjects. In this excerpt from her 2018 book, Avery F. Gordon presents a selection of documents—original and compelling essays, letters, cultural analyses, images, photographs, conversations, friendship exchanges, and collaborations with various artists.

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11/09/2022    Commonings
Silvia Federici

“Most importantly, we cannot build an alternative society and a strong self-reproducing movement unless we redefine our reproduction in a more cooperative way and put an end to the separation between the personal and the political, and between political activism and the reproduction of everyday life.”

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09/09/2022    Commonings
Common Research
Irit Rogoff

Irit Rogoff, founder of the Advanced Practices program at Goldsmiths, London, investigates knowledge production coming out of the arts, museums, galleries, NGOs, and protest movements not only as knowledge that is opening a dialogue with more traditional forms of academic or scientific knowledge. Rather she characterizes practice-based knowledge productions as “epistemic inventions” through their collective and multidimensional enactment and through their capcity to reflect instability, precarity, and insecurity rather than translate these conditions into stable and unwavering logics.

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