Recent Contributions
13/09/2021    Unlearning
Techniques as Modes of Relating: Thinking with a Transdisciplinary Experiment
Melanie Sehgal

How to unlearn disciplinary habits of thought, feeling and action that privilege the bounded individual? How can the act of listening be employed as a mode of relating across difference? Philosopher Melanie Sehgal combines an inquiry into the problem of relating within modern epistemologies with a reflection on the practice of her working group FORMATIONS and its endeavor to create techniques of transdisciplinary encounter. 

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01/09/2021    Transmitting
From loss to solitude and not the other way around!
Yahya Ashour

“I thought that I would not be able to write a letter about corona, and here I am writing it after all. . .”

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25/08/2021    Transmitting
Community Education: To Reclaim and Transform What Has Been Made Invisible
Munir Fasheh

“Math was necessary for my mother in a much more profound and real sense than it was for me. Unable to read or write, my mother routinely took rectangles of fabric and, with few measurements (using chalk), cut them and turned them into beautiful, perfectly fitted clothing for people. In 1976 I realized that the math she was using was beyond my comprehension. Moreover, although math was a subject matter that I studied and taught, for her it was basic to the operation of her understanding. What she was doing was math, in the sense that it embodied order, pattern, and relations.” Munir Fasheh, who taught Mathematics at Harvard University and at Birzeit University Palestine, reflects about the community aspect of the transmission of knowledge. 

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