Recent Contributions
23/12/2021    Community-Building
Building of Community-in-Resistance: Weapons of Mass Creation
Gal Kirn

This contribution by Gal Kirn takes the New Alphabet School on a journey through one of the darkest times of the twentieth century: fascist occupation during World War II. It takes a closer look how at the former occupied Yugoslavia where there were no established communication channels and no material and infrastructural base for antifascist resistance, but nevertheless a genuine articulation of partisan art and politics that emerged and contributed to a collective cultural and political form of resistance that had a broad popular and democratic base. New partisan forms of cultural production and dissemination became a veritable weapon in the struggle against fascism, a pivotal tool that was needed in order to create a new political subject/entity: a “weapon of mass creation.”

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23/12/2021    Instituting
INSTITUTING - instead of an editorial
Gigi Argyropoulou

In this essay, Gigi Argyropoulou, co-curator and blog section editor of the New Alphabet School’s #Instituting edition, proposes instituting as a verb, as a process that both refuses and flees from institutionalisation and structuralisation as a potentially critical methodology in curating, art making and organising that includes and thinks through both forms and deformations. Always in close relation to its opposite de-instituting. Instituting as a process that refuses to settle into one structure, one form, one building. As a practice of continuously making places together with others, improvisations of form and context that reconsider the specificities of a here and now and remain dependent upon multiple and repeated invisible, illegible and incomprehensible plottings. 

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22/12/2021    Unlearning
Feminist Instituting for Ecological Futures
Berit Fischer

In today’s dystopian times of capitalist, extractivist, dichotomous and separationist logics, questions about alternative imaginaries for livable futures and co-existence with the natural world are more urgent than ever. Acknowledging “instituting” as a social ecology, as a collective agreement and cooperation, Berit Fischer’s workshop as part of the New Alphabet School #Instituting edition engendered a feminist ontology of “instituting” that exceeded the anthropocentric view towards an inter-connectivity with the natural living world.

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