Recent Contributions
27/03/2021    Situating
Temístocles Machado Renteria: Artistic intervention and the struggle for justice
Liliana Angulo Cortés, Juan Rodrigo Machado Mosquera

Temístocles Machado was a community leader who represented different communities in Commune 6 and throughout the Colombian city of Buenaventura. He was murdered in 2018. Since then a group of leaders, including his son Juan Rodrigo Machado Mosquera and artist Liliana Angulo Cortés, continue the struggle, safeguarding the knowledges of their communities. read more

10/01/2019    Unlearning
Learning Beyond Alphabets
Boris Buden, Olga Schubert

The New Alphabet School is a school for artistic, curatorial, archival, poetic, activist, critical, and affirmative research practices that take place outside of academia or other institutional contexts. The first event within the frame of the three-year-project was a five-day (Un-)Learning Place with workshops and interventions by Berlin-based artistic, curatorial, and activist collectives in January 2019. This text was written as an introduction to that program. 

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01/12/2020    Unlearning
The Work Before the Work
Yayra Sumah

In her essay The Work Before the Work Anthropologist and curator Yayra Sumah reflects on her experience of HKW’s Unlearning Place that took place in January 2019. She comes to the conclusion that collaborative work is not something which can simply be demanded, implemented or decided upon, but for which the grounds have to be laid by acknowledging different histories, different vulnerabilities and different imaginaries of the future, especially in asymmetrical relationships within institutional structures.  read more