Recent Contributions
09/12/2022    Commonings
TRUE STORIES OF RESISTANCE - Inside a Fugitive Library
Cléophée R.F. Moser

In an effort to comment on the research that motivated the installation “True stories of Resistance,” Cléophée R.F. Moser chose to elaborate on the context in which this project was imagined and the echoes that resonated between the members of the Fugitive Library during the Commonings event on the question of the power relations at stake around knowledge and memories in the institutional and post-colonial context. In this article, as an exhibiting artist in the Fugitive Library, Cléophée retraces the content of this collective experience by offering a personal analysis of the interventions that were proposed, and the creative methods developed in response to this issue.

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08/12/2022    Healing (Faju)
What would you say if I told you that our Black history has been denied?

The compilation “What would you say if I told you that our Black history has been denied?” is a transcription of texts from the ritualistic performance curated by the collective Transatlantic Sound as part of Healing (Faju): Part 1. The texts in the document are both poetic and autobiographical reflections on how to heal from and confront the colonial wounds inflicted from the African continent through the Middle Passage to Abya Yala, or what colonizers refer to as the Americas. 

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07/12/2022    Feralizing
FERAL ETHICS - Thinking feral with pigs
Marianna Szczygielska, Laura Kuen, Kieran O’Mahony, and Paul G. Keil

In this critical text, the four authors encourage the reader to think through the categorical differences of wild, feral and domestic with the help of pigs. Putting forth three case studies of environments that have humans co-existing (or trying to) with pigs, the authors guide us to rethink and relearn our anthropocentric ethics through a feral lens. 

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