Recent Contributions
01/11/2020    Coding
Scaffolding , Hard and Soft : Critical and Generative Infrastructures
Shannon Mattern

In this essay media anthropologist Shannon Mattern reflects on our everyday encounter with ‘visible’ and ‘invisible’ infrastructures — from the past and as they are being imagined, designed and developed today. The built and visible infrastructures that surround us extend to include an entangled ecosystem of soft infrastructure of people, labor, relationships, trust, resistance, and protocols. She stresses on the need for artists, designers, individuals, and collectives to work towards making their infrastructural ecosystem apparent, thereby inviting the possibility of addressing fundamental design concerns and producing necessary critical structures and systems. These structures offer a frame for considered critical responses to the asymmetry and extractivism embedded in the materialization of our digital and social ecosystems through generative, accessible, distributed logics that span across building learning communities and networked social action, to open source or customized design solutions, models and frameworks. Hence, Shannon Mattern encourages artists and designers to go beyond the mere representation of infrastructure and tackle the design of infrastructures themselves, in order to make these generative systems more accessible, intelligible, and just. read more

14/07/2020    Caring
Birds and birds at night
On care and caring
Matthew Goulish

In this text Matthew Goulish shares encounters with woodpeckers, mockingbirds and owls as he meditates on care, caring and mourning at this moment in time.

The text also exists as a recording of Matthew Goulish reading the text. The recording activates listening as another form of encounter accompanying the written text and is also made available for those that prefer or need to listen, or listen while reading rather than reading a text on the screen. read more

12/07/2020    Caring
Caring for the pandemic world
rome, june 2020
pantxo ramas

Pantxo Ramas explores ways to care for the world during our pandemic “continuous present”. He shares a necessity to think about new forms of politics, outside the logic of events that can “change the world” and proposes a potential strategy in the intersection of many existing plans. Caring in this text is discussed as a practice that includes understanding structural dynamics of the neoliberal world and transforming this critique to an institutional intervention in order to invent social ways of life in common. Caring for the world as caring for life becomes “a radical practice of organisation and transformation of the present”.

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