1-3 September, 2021
Rafah (Gaza Strip) and Berlin in cooperation with 28magazine

Due to the 12-year blockade of the Gaza strip and the impact on its two million residents, the people of Gaza have been relying heavily on transmitting to achieve what they are unable to achieve by any other physical means. For them, transmitting no longer is a telecommunication term used to describe the essence of a communication process. Instead, it has become a powerful tool for resisting.

Resisting the vicious reality–primarily caused by the ongoing siege–, and resisting the common stereotypes related to Gaza–such as generally being portrayed as a place of continual bombardment and a very low, almost non-existent, standard of living–, the fourth edition of the New Alphabet School aspires to explore transmitting as not only a means of expression through technology, but also a space of transferal, translation and communication in poetry, music and literature. In enabling new, unprecedented spaces of interaction between otherwise separated locations (Gaza, Berlin and many others), social geographies and forms of expression, this edition tries not only to think, talk and discuss through transmission, but to also shed light on the cultural, artistic and creative aspect of life in Gaza and beyond.



The Event
#4 Transmitting

With Mahmoud Al-Shaer (28 magazine), Munir Fasheh, Meena Kandasamy, Adania Shibli and others

The Sea is Mohammad al-Khatib’s
Adania Shibli

Adania Shibli’s text traces a Palestinian young man’s desire of going to the sea, only to be faced with multiple impossibilities. The text was commissioned and first published by the Qalandiya International Biennial, 2016. read more

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